The Magic of Mneme9

“The mind is the person and the memory is the mind.”  (Mnene9 memo) 


Emmeneme9 is a wide ranging regenerative method that stimulates creativity and uses it as a pathway for boosting physical health, mental well-being and emotional intelligence.

creativityThe name is composed by the word Mneme, short for Mnenosyne, the ancient Greek goddess of memory that was the mothers of the nine muses of the arts of the Greek mythology, and 9 that is the number of the muses as all the arts are used in the method to reach a common goal.

Although Mneme9 is an integral healing, or therapeutic method medically it doesn’t differentiate between allopathic medicine and  alternative medicine, for it there are only good medicine, which is not linked to profits or vested interests, and bad medicine, which is solely tied with self interests and money making.

In order to achieve its goal of boosting general health and mental balance Mneme9 uses several innovative creative approaches or techniques derived from arts and sciences that are always easy and pleasant to practice as playful enjoyment of what one does is a very important aspect of the method.


bambinoi suona a un gatto

A combination of music, art and languages were taught in the CCL method to boost creativity and emotional intelligence in young children

Originally I started teaching it in London to children aged three and a half to six from the 2.000 to 2.003 with the name of CCL, an acronym that meant: ‘Combined Creative Learning’. My aim was to boost their creativity and emotional intelligence or empathy with an interactive combination of music, art and languages. It was a very successful and rewarding experience lasting three years till the families of those to whose children I taught moved abroad and I decided to stop due to other commitments among which writing and illustrating several books.

In 2014 however, after a period during which, besides writing and publishing books on a variety of subjects and creating a series of visual images for helping children and young people suffering  from anorexia and other eating disorders I resumed the original CLL idea and expanded it further creating a method for achieving well being suitable to people of all ages that I called Meme9.  This new method besides stimulating creativity, emotional intelligence and  social interaction also focused on preventing, managing and curing  a variety of ailments such as: Alzheimer, Dementia, depression,  arthritis, back pains, osteoporosis, eating disorders and obesity among others.

All summed up Mneme9 is a unique and enjoyable method, not only for helping people with physical or mental illnesses, or to boost the health, wellbeing and quality of life of older or disabled people but that can also be useful everybody including those involved in jobs or activities requiring mind stabilizing qualities such as: sport people, surgeons,  nurses, police people, fire fighters, students, pilots or astronauts, pregnant women or people suffering stress.



More about me and other activities/interests/projects can be found

In my other website:  controversialcook.com

and in my blog: controversialcook.wordpress.com


“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates – – – – – –   snal isolata

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