“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.” — Aesop


No matter what therapy, exercise or life style people do they will not be healthy unless they eat well.

img_20150413_231337This doesn’t just means eating good wholesome food but also eating moderately, slowly and in a relaxed state of mind.

Unfortunately in this age characterized by haste and over abundance of food that is not always healthy, plus a continuous daily bombardment of ads and media articles promoting huge amounts of heavily hyped up super foods, dietary supplements, new diets and food scares driven by huge commercial interests healthy eating is not easy to practice with the result that there is a high incidence of eating disorders such as obesity, diabetes, heart failures and digestive complications caused by bad eating habits and stress.

With regards to nutrition the Mneme9 doesn’t advocate the following of any diet or  taking of any particular supplements. BimbaMangia_jpgThis is because diets are difficult to keep up also boring and not pleasant and often also dangerous therefore they can lead to stress, dissatisfaction and health problems, while self-prescribed supplements taken without an expert medical advice can be useless, expensive and also toxic.

In Mneme9  food is regarded as not only necessary for survival but also as a giver of pleasure which is important for enjoying life and  boost general well being. Moreover food is also seen as a primary way for developing social bonds through the habit of eating with other people and sharing food with them.

Rather than following a diet or prescribing supplements, Mneme9 advocates adopting an eating strategy guided by the mind rather than dictated by the whims of the eyes and the palate and stomach so that one eats what is good for one’s body in controlled moderation without neglecting the pleasurable aspect of it.

This eating concept was exemplified by the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates father of Western medicine who over three thousand years ago stated that  “A bit of food that is not necessarily healthy, but is pleasurable, is better for one’s body than food that is considered healthy but is unpleasant or not exciting to eat.”

img_20160725_070708This means that one must not be rigid and inflexible in ones’ eating habits by totally excluding pleasurable foods because such approach would be a sign of hypochondria and excessive worry or obsession with one’s health.

As for over indulgence and gluttony one should understand that eating more than necessary doesn’t give any more pleasure to the eater but it eventually dulls the palate and weakens the mind thus leading to uncontrollable food addiction and diseases.

In short a bit of chocolate, a slice of cake or a glass or two of wine that are considered pleasurable foods when drunk every other day or occasionally are much more pleasurable than eating or drinking them in quantity everyday.

More info about food and nutrition in all its aspects can be found in my other website by clicking this link

“The sated stomach doesn’t understand the hungry one”  – – –  snal isolata


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