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 “We must learn to value people for the goodness of their soul not for their wealth, fame or appearance.”

An illustrator at work Anteater artist Stweui in its studio in Oregon USA.


I -‘m an illustrator, an author of books, a teacher of instrumental music, a Tai chi and Qigong and languages teacher and also a fictional and non fictional writer as well as a food and cookery writer. This latter  derives from my long experience in the food industry that spans several decades and my interest in the culinary cultures food realted to society, environment and health. This said it has often been pointed out that the way that I write and illustrate food is different from anybody else as it can takes any literary form.

I f interested my food website is titled

As for my writings and illustrative style since childhood I was fond of allegorical literary works and images of fantasy that contained some constructive teachings and hidden meanings as well as a sense of humour.

As usually one tends to write and depict what one likes and knows and is influenced by what one reads it was natural that when I started to write and illustrate I created works in a similar genre.

Book cover for the musical novel: 'The Lioness Pastry Cook - An African Dream Tale.

Book cover for the musical novel: ‘The Lioness Pastry Cook – An African Dream Tale.

At first impression my works may seem to be children books but the style of the illustrations, the titles and characters of my stories are deceptive because at the roots they are allegorical and philosophical works that look at humanity through a variety of subjects and human activities and offer practical solutions to its problems. Another characteristic of my books indeed of whaterver I do is that it covers my interest in metaphysics or how the universe and life work and why they work in the way that they do. In short what is the meaning of everything that exists is what drives me.

I publish my works in Amazon kindle under the umbrella name of Astralia Wisdom Works a name that indicated that my works are about the cultivation of wisdom.

My first book was: ‘The Cat That Became a Footballer’ , an allegorical, humorous work that uses modern football and sport to look at humanity through the eyes and mind of a cat.

My second was: ‘The City of the Guardian Angels’, a modern fairy tale focused on waste, recycling with a touch of spirituality.

My third one was: ‘The Lioness Pastry Cook – An African Dreamtale’ a work that is simultaneously is a rhymed novel, an epic poem and a musical that combines the art of cake making with science fiction.

A new book titled “Meditations of a Controversial Cook” is in the pipeline It will  be my first non fiction work as it will contain a series of of essays on human society and its future relative to food and eating. Other books of poetry fiction and non fiction are also ready to be published.

“Intelligence is creativity having fun.”  Albert Einstein – – – – –   snal isolata 


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