“Whatever you do in order to get the best results simplify, simplify and simplify, and when you have done that keep simplifying even more.”  -Mnme9


There is always a simple solution to even the most difficult problems.

There is always a simple solution to even the most difficult problems.

Emmeneme9 derives from CCL a method that was taught to very young children to stimulate their creativity and boost their emotional and social intelligence.  With time CCL became Mneme9 a method for preventing, managing or curing various mental and physical illnesses.

The ancient Roman physicians stressed the interdependence of physical and mental health for the attainment of well-being with the saying: Mens sana in corpore sano. that translated from Latin means: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.  This means that in order to have a healthy mind one should also have a healthy body. This said in Mneme9 mental health is considered of primary importance.  This is particularly relevant in an age where people are obsessed with physical appearance and body fitness while neglecting the development and maintenance of their mental health.

Unlike in the standard versions Tai chi is used in Mneme9 purposely to boost creativity, memory and spontaneity.

Tai chi

In Mneme9 physical movement is always linked to the working of the mind with a lot of focus put on the strengthening of the memory and the cultivation of breathing since good air is the food of the brain. For this reason Tai chi and Qigong are the exercises used in the method. This said the Tai chi as well as Qiqong used in Mneme9 put a lot of emphasis on the creative and mnemonic aspect of the art giving to the practitioner the possibility of expressing oneself rather than being limited to repetitive standard patterns that leave no room for creativity.

Besides Tai chi and Qigong mneme9 uses other techniques derived from several arts such as music, singing, drawing and live performance arts.

“Rather than complaining about the dark light a candle.” – – – –  snal isolata


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