“Canta che ti Passa,” —  (Sing and all your worries will go away) – Italian Saying


The Magic of music

The Magic of music

Emmeusic is an art and a language as old as mankind that can instantly arouse all sorts of emotions and moods in people.

Depending on the type of music that people listen to, play, sing or dance it can make them feel joyful, sad, nostalgic, sedate or excited.

Music can also boost merriment during festivities or patriotism such as in the singing of national anthems, instil bravery in soldiers or allegiance to a cause during sport events or matches. It can even be used to induce fear and unease as sometimes it’s purposely done in scary films or radio or theatre plays in order to keep viewers or listeners on edge. This is why music is often used to create a particular atmosphere in many places and occasions like for instance in shopping emporiums or restaurants where piped music is used to relax the consumers.

In the Mneme9 method the panflute is one of the musical instruments that people are encouraged to learn and play to boost their memory and enhance their mood.

In the Mneme9 method the panflute is one of the portable musical instruments that can be learnt to play to boost their memory and enhance their mood.

Arguably very few arts are so deeply embedded in people’s memory and remind them of earlier emotions, feelings or situations than music. So much do people get attached to a particular genre of music, songs or dances that each generation will rarely change their musical tastes and readily fully embrace new musical styles that are different from the ones that they followed in their younger or formative years. This is because everybody identifies herself or himself with the music of their generation.

Music in its many varieties is one of the main arts used in Mneme9 for improving mood and general wellbeing. Because it’s so immediate is  especially suited for erasing depression as well as for strengthening the memory and making the brain more elastic.

With regards to playing singing and dancing Mneme9 stresses that is practising them rather than the degree of one’s individual ability that counts as the following advice of the great Persian poet-philosopher of the 12th century Rumi so aptly and simply tells us.

 “Sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”—snal isolata


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