This page lists services, activities, courses run by Mneme9 or by other highly reliable practitioners or teachers for promoting general health, wellbeing, education as well as emotional intelligence for adults and children.


Maori Massage is an ancient healing practice now offered in London by Healthy Massage for boosting general health and wellbeing as well as helping in eliminating stress. It’s part of the traditional curative arts of the aboriginal Maori culture of New Zealand.  It also offers other types of massages such as: sport, Swedish, deep tissue, anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage Vodder massage. Healthy massage  sessions can also be an introduction to mneme9 healing methods. Practitioner: Giuliano -Location: 112 Palace Gardens Terrace London W8 4RT. Alternatively they can be had at yours home. For more information about Healthy Massage services: contacts tel. 07448 411429.


Qigong and Tai chi   Qigong and Tai chi either individually or together are an important part of mneme9 for promoting general health as well as for strengthening the memory and boosting creativity.  Mneme9 offers a choice  of several types of qigong as well as four different major Tai chi styles including the very rare Wu Hao  style that integrate into one another.

img_20150401_180741Art Therapy  Various arts are used in Mneme9 for healing and strengthening the mind or brain that consequently lead to a healthier body and the boosting of emotional and social intelligence. As a rule all art practices Mneme9 are mental exercises rather than instruments for producing artistic results. In short, it’s the actual doing and what positive influence they can apport to the general wellbeing of the mind and body that is important not the end result in itself.

Like food , health is particularly noticed by its absence” —–snal isolata

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